Acer Aspire One 1-132 Windows 10 Drivers

Have installed Windows 10 on your Aspire One 1-132 but the ethernet, wireless network adapter and sound controllers are all not working? If the Windows 10 is not working properly on your Acer Aspire One 1-132, check to see if the drivers are corrupted, damaged, outdated, or missing. If the Windows 10 drivers for Aspire One 1-132 are getting errors, you will surely have issues with your notebook. Below are the main contents showing you how to get Aspire One 1-132 drivers for the Windows 10.

You could go to Acer driver download page to look for and manually download the Aspire One 1-132 drivers you need, such as USB driver,VGA driver,Ethernet driver, etc. We’d like to inform you that many drivers are not available for download any more.

If you can’t find the exact Aspire One 1-132 drivers download solution, you could click the button below to free download Aspire One 1-132 drivers directly.

Download the latest Windows 10 64-bit drivers for Aspire One 1-132

Realtek Audio6.0.1.7719Download
Intel Bluetooth18.1.1546.2762Download
Atheros Bluetooth Driver (NFA222)
Realtek Card Reader10.0.10586.31225Download
Intel Chipset10.1.1.13Download
Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework8.1.10605.221Download
Intel Serial IO604.10146.2643.2818Download
Intel TXE2.0.0.1094Download
ELANTECH Touchpad13.6.4.1Download
Synaptics Touchpad19.0.25.5Download
Intel VGA20.19.15.4352Download
Intel Wireless LAN18.33.0.1Download
Atheros Wireless LAN Driver (NFA222)

If you have any questions or ideas about Aspire One 1-132 drivers download and update for Windows 10, please make comments below this post.

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